Classes & Events

From mini-readings to in-depth experiences, explore, learn and grow with virtual and in-person classes and events.


Due to COVID-19 I am not currently doing fairs or similar events.

I am happy to see you in a workshop or via appointment instead

Come discover yourself and meet with like minded people!



Catalytic Joy (series)

Total class hours: 25 hours delivered in 10 classes over 4 months

Experience Catalytic Joy! a course empowering you to transform your life to joy-based living. Take a deep dive into the subconscious programming you’ve built that define your limitations and rules for living. Be your own catalyst for removing the limits and transforming the rules to the vibration of Joyous Ease, even when faced with challenging people and circumstances.


Intro to Energy Healing: Understand your Aura and Energy Bodies (single workshop to series)

This is a bird’s eye view of the Human Energy Field and Energy bodies as I have come to know them through study and experience. 

Participants may be offered the option of joining an extended curriculum

Individual Workshops

Simple Tools for Managing your Energy

Noticing how external energy may be affecting you, and learning simple tools and practicing for managing your own energy field, overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, worry, anger, grief, and more.

Much of the curriculum is participant driven, no two workshops will be the same.

What's Your Super Power?

Come Play!

Discover what your extra-sensory strengths are, develop ways to develop them.

Content is largely participant driven and may include any one or all of these:

Psychometery, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Moving/sensing energy

Individual workshop.

Additional workshops may be scheduled to go deeper depending on participant interests


Reading Cards for yourself

A bird’seye view of how reading cards works from both analytical and intuitive approaches. Example spreads and practice.

Interested participants may choose to follow-up by joining in a series that goes deep into learning the traditional Tarot, it’s symbols, and systems as well and expanded reading practice.

The Gene Keys - Overview

A big picture look at what the Gene Keys system is, including the spheres, paths, sequences and how to approach it for self awareness. You will receive a copy of your gene key profile.

I teach interactive workshops & Classes that require participant engagement & enjoy teaching small groups.
I will hold a workshop if at least 3 people RSVP and limit the class sizes to 12, sometimes less depending on the content.
Many, (but maybe not all, yet) of these are available via ZOOM online.

Meet with me by joining a class, workshop or at a live event I’m attending near you. Choose a mini-readings to explore, learn and grow.