Catalytic Joy

Empowering a transformation into joy-based living

Course is designed for anyone interested in:

  • Getting out of overwhelm
  • Finding inner peace regardless of circumstance
  • Releasing the pattern of personal growth through struggle and pain
  • Learning to grow and create  through joy, love, enthusiasm and peace
  • Developing and using their intuition with certainty
  • Creating a life that allows and reflects the wholeness of who they are
  • Diving deep into their inner landscape
  • Having discussions and sharing experiences with like-minded people


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Experience Catalytic Joy!

This course empowers you to transform your life to joy-based living. Take a deep dive into the subconscious programming you’ve built that define your limitations and rules for living. Be your own catalyst for removing the limits and transforming the rules to the vibration of Joyous Ease, even when faced with challenging people and circumstances. Learn to use your intuition on purpose to create & experience more joyous living.




Learning Objectives

  • 10 Intuition Tools for your Personal Transformation Tool-kit
  • How to use visualization, journaling and mind-mapping for uncovering your own inner wisdom
  • A Deeper understanding of your authentic self
  • More awareness of aligning your life around what brings you joy and releasing the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t

Included with full purchase


10 class sessions, ( 25 hours of classroom time) spaced over 4 months

10 recorded guided meditations


Support for the journey

  • Two 20 minute check-in “growth period support” session . Generally this is a clairvoyant look at how you are working with the intuition tools, and Q&A.
  • Two Dynamic Clairvoyant Energetic Healing performed without the person present in the room or via zoom. Comes with a recording of the session, generally 10-20 minutes in length. The first one will be between the third and fourth class, the second one between the 7th and 8th class,(the timing of these may change, but that is how it looks right now.)
  • Invitation to attend  bonus workshops centered around intention and deliberate creation at special rate.
*No refunds for unattended, or sessions not scheduled

What you can expect


In the classroom space:
  • Learn tools that help you access and validate your inner wisdom
  • Learn how to use your intuition at will and on purpose.
  • Play with your intuition
  • Share your experiences
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
Between Classes:

How you approach the exercises is your journey and you have to decide how to walk it. Some weeks will be easier for you than others, some you may have to visit and revisit periodically as you shift and transform.

One suggestion for planning your schedule is –


  • Daily listen to the guided meditation and Daily Affirmation work in the morning (estimated 30 minutes).
  • Revisit at night listening to the meditation and journaling (estimated 30 mintues)
  • Play with your intuition
  • Complete the reading and associated questions “Book work”
  • Work on the Transformation exercises in the Journal over the entire week or beyond and then applying them to daily life
Week 1
Topic – It’s Just me. Going within



Chapter 5: Self Respect, Self Esteem, & Self Worth

*Optional Reading Orin’s Preface, Sanaya’s Introduction & Chapter one: Greetings from Orin

Intuition Tools:  Ground, Release & Replenish

Week 2
Topic -On Purpose: Trusting Your Intuition



Chapter 2: You can Live Joyfully,

Chapter 12: Achieving Balance, Stability, and Security

Intuition Tools: Center, Shield, & Shine Bright

Week 3
Topic – Just Say YES!, Crystal Clear Intention



Chapter 17: Living in Higher Purpose

Chapter 4: The Art of Self-Love

Intuition Tools: Sounding your Soul’s note

Week 4
Topic – Authenticity – Remembering who you are



Chapter 6: Refining the Ego Recognizing who You are


Intuition Tools: Expansion and Receiving

Week 5
Topic – Connection – The heart knows



Chapter 3: Changing the Negative into Positive

Chapter 8: Love. Knowing the Wisdom of the Heart


Intuition Tools: Separation Field, Un-matching for self-healing

Bonus Workshop

Around The New Year, exact date TBA

Topic -Intention and Attention


Week 6
Topic – Deeper Connection – Letting go of old habits



Chapter 7: Uniting Separated Selves

Chapter 11: Feeling Inner Peace


Intuition Tools: Neutrality & Clearing your Field, and Clearing Spaces

Week 7
Topic – Even More Authentic – Embracing your Gifts and Dreams



Chapter 14: Freedom is Your Birthright

Chapter 18: Recognizing Your Life Purpose


Intuition Tools: Your Spirit in Your Body (Spirit in theTemple): Aligning with and living your highest self

Bonus Workshop

Around weeks 7 & 8, exact date TBA

Topic -Stop being D.I.S.’d

Reclaiming parts of you that you Denied, Ignored, or Suppressed


Week 8
Topic – Just Say Yes!- The Control Room. Protection, Guides, and Allowing



Chapter 10: Appreciation, Gratitude and the Law of Increase

Chapter 13: Clarity – Living in more Light


Intuition Tools: Reclaiming your Energy

Week 9
Topic – On Purpose – Taking Action, Compassion & Abundance



Chapter 15: Embracing the New

Chapter 9: Opening to Receive


Intuition Tools: Changing Reaction to Response, Your Control Center, & “Not my circus, not my monkeys”

Week 10
Topic – It’s MY Life – Personal Power, Goals & Manifestation



Chapter 16: Taking a Quantum Leap


Intuition Tools: Inspired Creation and Manifestation

Bonus Workshop

After week 10, a deepening of the Intuition Tools

Topic – Owning It. –  Personal Power, Goals & Manifestation


Intuition Tools: Inspired Creation and Manifestation

Where It’s At

In person Groups will meet at


727 SE Main St
Roseburg, OR 97471


Will meet via ZOOM at the link provided in the confirmation email.

This Event has payment options, But There’s Only Room for 8!


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I’m always happy to answer questions about this course, or others you may be interested in, and even ones you wish I offered.