The Curious

Are you intrigued, but have no idea where to start exploring? You want to experience “it”, you feel “something different” and the way it makes you feel causes you to want to know more?

These resources, articles, and trainings are created for your beginner experience level

Catalytic Joy: Empowering transformation to joy-based living
Be your own catalyst for removing the limits and transforming the rules to the vibration of Joyous Ease, even when faced with challenging people and circumstances. Learn to use your intuition on purpose to create & experience more joyous living.
Pause for a moment
Have you opened your heart and mind to receive the day, the year, the visit, and view it as a gift, to welcome it?
Oracle Reading: The End?
Endings, Beginnings, they are the same thing for different chapters. Regardless, it is time to Enjoy life.
Oracle Card Reading: Seeking Validation
More than ever before it is so important to let go of the habit of looking to others for approval or validation.
Self Care: Allowing your body time to integrate and adapt to your Spirit’s growth
The whole experience is a not-so-subtle lesson I've dubbed, "When will Knowing Better equate to Choosing Better?!"
Life well lived
My heart aches for those who are left behind who now have to face life as they never imagined.
Oracle Card Reading: ‘Recognizing being motivated by Ego or being motivated by Spirit’
Can you jump in and go with the flow of what the universe is bringing you, or do you fear what you aren't directly controlling? It may just be time to Let go...
New Moon in Libra and it’s completion six months later (March & April 2019)
It is interesting to note, that for this new moon's completion phase, there are 2 months with a full moon in Libra.
Transitions: The slippery slide between being rooted in one place and finding your roots in another.
It allowed me to see that resistance to change and eagerness to grow were an equal and opposite reaction, to one desire: I don’t want to miss it.