Oracle Card Reading: Deep Dive

In this Oracle card reading, I chose Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid.

The cards have many many layers of messages and it was so immense and deep, (It sounded like two radio stations coming in over the top of one another,) I had to sit with them a long while. 

I felt that it was important to then draw clarity cards from a second deck.

I chose the OSHO deck to go with the Wisdom deck, and was  startled by how closely they reflected the other deck. Deep and multifaceted layers, that are still unfolding, and may continue to echo for some time.

The overall message from the reading is clear.

No matter what life throws you, there is balance. Where there are sudden endings, there will be new beginnings.

There may be things left unfinished, but those projects. relationships, or experiences are beautiful and worth celebrating simply because they existed.

There is a sharp and deep prying open of your awareness, to where warped or outdated beliefs, resulting from past experiences have become self-fulfilling prophesies that you are greatly attached to (but are not actually true) and have no continued bearing on your life here and now. Let them go.

It is also a call to balance your inner and outer worlds; and to let go of the past, recognizing who you are here and now, and begin to operate from loving the wholeness of you.


WISDOM:1: Yang


OSHO: Page of Rainbows: Adventure

These cards carry the vibration of the excitement of doing things and taking action in the direction of creating your dreams and them becoming tangible.

Today is a great day to have a great day and find the satisfaction in getting stuff done, as well as being noticed and appreciated for your ability to do so. 

Use The Divine Masculine energy of being able to hold all possible outcomes in the vibration of Yes..

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you..”

The focus is to be aware of what you are asking for as the vibration you want to experience receiving the answer.

Also present is a TON of satisfaction in discovery. Play. Enjoy. Embody boldness and movement.





OSHO: 3 of Fire: Experiencing

The Focus is Yang, but the challenge is Yin. Funny how one requires the other to to be understood.

How much can you receive and flow and just be?  In the midst of moving forward and getting things done, can you choose to Nourish yourself?

Enjoy the Divine Feminine’s capacity to hold the width and depth of life, even through creation, destruction or loss.

Emotions can’t be directly seen, or tasted, or even touched, they have to be experienced to gain the wisdom from them. Sometimes it is fiery passion, it can be the deep swelling and lightness of joy, or the deeper echoing hollowness of sorrow.

Really each moment, each emotion in motion is designed to lead us to wholeness, to knowing ourselves, to Love. Trying to contain or stop the flow of experiencing your emotions deprives you of living. Feel what you feel. Be wholly where you are. Live.



WISDOM: 39 New Life


OSHO: Major Arcana 13 Transformation


My eye is drawn to the wings in both images. What I see here is the energy reminding us, again, that we must make room for the new, before it can appear.

If all the space is full, nothing can be added. If you aren’t willing to finish something, it is difficult to start something new or have enough energy to give fully to something outside yourself.

It is time to have to acknowledge the growth, the trials, the challenges you are in the middle of, and hold your feet to the fire to finish them. They are the seeds for what is next, the ramp being built so you can take off and fly.

While you are excited and ready to fly, you are also realizing that requires life to change, and the truth of the many changes that are coming, the very ones that you have been desiring, requires the endings too.

That acknowledgement had been flying under the radar, hidden causing some resistance to finishing up those tasks.

External Influences


WISDOM: 15 Message in a Bottle


OSHO: Major Arcana 18- Past Lives


Lessons from the past will resurface at this time, as people you had moved on from or as circumstances that are all too familiar. 

This time, you will be viewing those moments from a new perspective of where you have grown because of them, or what motivates you to make the same (frustrating? difficult?) choices.

This present moment perspective offers a space of awareness and perspective as you re-encounter these people and circumstance. You do not have to define yourself in terms of the past. You have grown and changed.  All of the past pain you’ve been carrying may not be worth lugging around with you.

Allow people and circumstances to be your mirror. Look for patterns in your attitude, expectations, and relationships. Realize those ‘rules’ of your life and ‘how you should be’ really no longer apply.



WISDOM: 41 Soul Mates


OSHO: 5 of Water

The five vibration is one of free will or choice, and it is occurring in the suit related to relationships and emotions.

Your attachment to a past ‘perfect’ relationship or dream of the perfect soul mate,  is loosening.

You are realizing how that version of ‘perfect’ does not exist or if it does, it doesn’t fit you perfectly.

The stories you have been telling yourself (and others) may not be so very true as you had once thought.  You are starting to feel the tangle and the weight and how limiting those stories and that attachment have actually been.

Let the breakthrough happen, let yourself feel the relief in being able to let go of old thought habits and let the stuck pent-up emotions attached to those thoughts release like water down the drain.

You Within the Moment


WISDOM: 10 Unfinished Symphony


OSHO: 3 of Rainbows

There is a natural drive to finish what we start, or stay with someone even if doing so is killing us.

Sometimes we have to just acknowledge when it is time to walk away from a project or a relationship.

The energy present here is of listening to your inner voice and following its prompts, even if there is a part of you that feels like walking away is ‘quitting.’

Take time to celebrate and validate what you have accomplished or experienced up to this point. Recognize the beauty that it has held for you, and acknowledge it is OK to leave it unfinished. Your soul and life path are pulling you in a new direction.

Sometimes your ability to choose is taken away from you through circumstances beyond your control. If you are facing the anger and frustration that comes with loss of choice or control, feel it.  Let it flow through you and out.

Ultimately you do have to move on and as we saw earlier in the spread, holding on to that kind of pain and baggage is just heavy and warps your perception.

Guidance / Resolution


WISDOM: 46 Regeneration


OSHO: The Master


Are you watering a dead tree trying to get it to bloom?

Ask yourself where you are trying to control and please the outer world. Are you pouring your energy, thoughts, and actions into trying to control and manipulate people, circumstances and outcomes? Are you exhausted and drained from taking responsibility over circumstances and people that are not yours to manage or fix?

You only have control over yourself, your actions your thoughts and your words.

Find the relief in that, find your compassion can inspire others when you have love and compassion for yourself. Tend to yourself, give you what you need take time to discover and honor what those needs are! Grant yourself permission to be the perfectly- imperfect human that is you.

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms).

Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

Rev. Shareen Webb


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