Oracle Card Reading – Hopes, Dreams, Prayers, & Reality

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms). Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.
Rev. Shareen Webb


This two deck reading, layering the two vibrations to create a unique message. The first deck is  the Archangel Power Tarot by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue the second are Aspen Oracle Angel cards by Jennah Synnestvedt.

The overview of the revealed message in this reading indicates working through the difference between the potential of your prayers being answered, and the truth of how your life is and changes when your hopes and dreams manifest into reality.


Aspen Oracle: Miracle


Archangel Power Tarot:              6 of Michael


Miracles are all around us, all the time, everyday. We have been  trained, or trained ourselves not to notice or to discount them.

Let go of your expectation of what miracles look like and be prepared that it may not arrive or be given exactly the way you thought the miracle you ‘need’ would.  The key here is to keep your thoughts focused and clear and to be prepared to notice the miracle(s) that works in your favor.

If you have been feeling paralyzed by a situation, a miracle is about to occur that works in your favor and relieves the stress that has been boiling inside you.

The energy around this looks to me like it will be evident, and possibly surprising instead of hidden or subtle.

You will know it when it arrives, even if it is only by the way you suddenly feel like you can breathe again.


Aspen Oracle: Miracle


Archangel Power Tarot:             Queen of Gabriel

The Focus is on miracles, but the Challenge is to feel worthy of receiving. If you find it easier to give than to receive, this card is telling you to open up and allow blessings to come your way, without having to ‘pay for it’.

This looks strongly to me like the arrival of a person with a generous nature, or at least in this moment someone who wants to give you something bigger than you could have imagined.It looks mostly like connecting you to an opportunity to work or travel that you don’t even let yourself dream about, it is so big.

The energy from the combination of these cards is pointing to an answer to prayer and has the potential to change your life in a positive way, if you can accept it.


Aspen Oracle: Change


Archangel Power Tarot:              4 of Michael

What is Hidden is the desire for, and the resistance to, changes.

It is one thing to pray for a miracle or help, but are you really willing to allow change in your life.  Change may seem scary, or overwhelming, but all new things do. All known things were once unknown.

It is only your mind that is holding you back, so give it a rest.  Allow for your Spirit to provide the inspiration and knowledge you need to make these changes. Begin to imagine all the great things you desire to have or experience or learn or do. Now, admit to where you are terrified to move out of your comfort zone.

This is especially true if the opportunity challenges beliefs you have held on to about your capabilities, or even your routines regarding the food you eat and how you move and exercise your body (or don’t ).

Celestite, Amythest, and Smoky quartz may also be beneficial to you in revealing and overcoming your hidden resistance.

External Influences

Aspen Oracle: Wellness


Archangel Power Tarot:              7 of Ariel

Today the 7 of Ariel combined with Wellness, are showing me that you are taking a large step your Spiritual path / Life path.

This may be in response to an invitation or opportunity given that you weren’t expecting or it may be something you have been waiting for the right combination of events and people to fall into place. It may be that someone has been pushing you to do something and you finally give in. Regardless, in taking this step or steps  you bring more peace to yourself and allow for more satisfaction in life, which makes it easier for you to be fully well and aligned.

There is also an energy present  about taking steps so that you can share your gift(s) out to others.


Aspen Oracle: Joy


Archangel Power Tarot:   Major Arcana 16 – Change Your Life

This is the best time to review your life, to really notice what elements bring you Joy and what elements, do NOT. Make lists, organize catalog, or simply free-form mind-dump.

Notice self talk areas where you should be experiencing joy, where that should be enough to satisfy you or any other should.

(Should is pointing out a place where you judge yourself and often where truth is avoided.)

Start crafting a full lifestyle that is based on only including the people, places, activities, and work that increases your enjoyment of life.

It is YOUR Life, and it is up to you to make it what you want.

No one is saying 100% of the moments in your life will be joyous, but by consciously choosing things that bring you joy, and consciously eliminating those that don’t, you will make a major change to the foundation of your life. Everything built on that new foundation of choosing joy will be supported by that vibration.

You within the Situation

Aspen Oracle: Clarity


Archangel Power Tarot:   Ace of Ariel

The vibration of these cards is simply “YES!”  The inspirations you had earlier are moving from the realm of though into the realm of actuality.

You see the reality of what is available to support you in the physical world: resources, health, friendships, and where they align to match the goals you have outlined in your mind and the hopes of your heart.

Deep down, you know exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it. You have the internal talents and external tools to do it. So just do it.


Guidance / Resolution

Aspen Oracle:                                Movement, Synchronicity


Archangel Power Tarot:              7 of Raphael

It is time to act.

The universe has set the stage and brought you all the things you need including ideas, resources, and people. You just have to get out of your limits, fears, and inner rules and choose to do it.

If not now, when? If not you, then who?

There is no better time, and there is no better person.

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