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About Oracle Readings

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This booking window is for Oracle Card Readings only. You can access all services on the booking page here. 

We have sessions remotely and in person. Please scroll to find your preferred session. Each session defaults to 30 minutes, you can add time once you choose your preferred session.

About Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings

You pick the cards, I interpret them using a combination of traditional meanings, intuition, and my clairvoyance. A guided oracle card reading helps you make decisions, see the larger picture, find perspective or gain clarity. In a themed reading, we can explore things such as your relationships, career or how to achieve abundance. For those that prefer a tarot or oracle card based reading, we can also do a checkpoint reading, a tree of life reading or an unfolding story reading.

What To Expect At Your Session

What to Expect At Any Session
  • I always start with a brief check-in, introductions, who you are, why you have arrived in this space at this time, and what you are looking for from the session.
  • I set the energy for the session with a prayer
  • We dive into the session content.
  • You are seated in a chair at the table in a receptive mode and I am reading your energy related to the purpose of the session or questions you are asking.
  • The structure within the session may vary, but we will come to an agreement on what it will be at the time of the session, within the first few minutes.
What To Expect In A Remote Session
  • Remote sessions are done via the online meeting room app ZOOM (you can use your phone to dial in to ZOOM if you do not have internet capability.)
  • We meet, and often it is very similar to the in-person session.Remote  healings are actually one of the most requested services I offer.
  • They are done completely through working with your energy field and can be a bit tricky to understand without experiencing it. They can be done during a scheduled meeting, or you can request one and they are done as my schedule allows and you receive an audio recording summarizing what occurred.  If you are interested in those, please contact me and we can schedule a time to discuss it and give you a short sample session.