Oracle Card Reading: ‘Recognizing being motivated by Ego or being motivated by Spirit’

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms).

Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

Rev. Shareen Webb


Inspiration, or a need to be in control?

WOW!! What an exciting reading centered around adventure, inspiration and growth.

The big focus that has revealed itself is,’Do you recognize when you are being motivated by Ego and when you are being motivated by Spirit?’ 

Can you jump in and go with the flow of what the universe is bringing you, or do you fear what you aren’t directly controlling?

It may just be time to Let go…



For this reading,  I drew cards from the Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue.
The entire week as a whole is one of inspired action tempered by practicality and emotional wisdom.


Page of Earth

You are so much more than others, or even you, have been allowing yourself to be. The energy present is about recognizing the depth of the well that is inside you.

It is calling you to recognize and validate the yearning you have to learn more, or do more to express more of who you are.

This is not the piling on of more tasks just because you are the one who can do it. No. This is about EXPRESSING yourself and LEARNING about yourself through new or expanded avenues.

It is also about forming, knowing and holding boundaries.  Do you know and understand the difference between being useful, used, and depleted versus being stretched, expanding, and growing. There may be discomfort and challenge in growth, but there is equal determination and passion to do it.


2 of Fire

It’s finally happening! The adventure is now. Things are flowing.

Do you find yourself panicking? Has s*** just gotten real.

Relax. The flow is carrying you along while bringing to you exactly the people, resources, and inspirations that move you even further and faster than you anticipated.

There is a small part of you that whispers ‘It is almost to easy, or almost too good to be true’. Discernment is important, but do not let the tiny fear voices halt the progress of the fire that is burning inside you.


Knight of Earth

As excited as you are, and as fast as things are moving, keep grounding the details.

There are still things that need to be done. Many of these things are finishing up older projects, or ‘completing the application’ mundane kinds of things. There are i’s to be dotted, t’s to be crossed, boxes to be checked, or as a dear friend puts it, ‘you still have to chop wood and carry water before you can build the fire to make the soup.’

So what are you waiting for?! It may feel boring or heavy but “Get cracking!” the sooner these things are done, the sooner you can do more of those fun exciting things.

Honestly, this energy resonates like packing to go on vacation. You are so excited it is less a caution against procrastination, and more a reminder to be thorough in remembering all the items you want there and the tasks that need to be completed so you can enjoy the trip.

External Influences

Ace of Fire

Lucky You!

Like going to a concert and then being surprised by being handed a free upgrade with VIP seating, a back-stage tour and meeting the artist, something you didn’t expect is going to be handed to you in conjunction with the things you have just started!

And just like that upgrade, you may have to give-up some part of your plan to receive the benefit.

With luck, it will be easy to see what is being offered and what you will gain.

This is not the time for holding back on rare opportunity. Go for it! A wish is being granted.


10 of Water

I see an echo here. It isn’t a hard ending, it’s an evolution.

The 10 of water represents contentment and joy, and completion. But don’t be fooled. Ten is an evolution of 1, which is new beginnings.

This is an emotional wisdom check in a time that is full of fire energy and inspiration; especially silencing the tiny fears.

Start crafting a full lifestyle that is based on only including the people, places, activities, and work that increases you enjoyment of life. You only have one, it is up to you to make it what you want.

I see this card as validating you don’t have to leave any relationships behind that are fulfilling to you. Instead, let your relationships expand, grow and evolve in parallel with the parts of your life that are changing and the parts of you that are new, flowing and growing.

You within the moment

Knight of Water & Major Arcana: 15 Ego

The situation demands action from you.

You may have butterflies in your belly and your nerves may be showing. It is important to know what those sensations are conveying.

Ego, that part of you tasked with survival, likes to be in control and likes to operate from what it knows. It often uses your fears as both a barometer of survival and a tool to manipulate you into keeping you safe (sometimes read trapped) and blaming anything and everything outside yourself for what has, or could go wrong. 

Your Spirit, on the other hand utilizes your emotional feedback system. Anticipation and excitement as a response feeds your passion and gives you the desire and energy to take a risk.

So how might you know which is which today?

Spirit will fill you with a sense of enthusiasm, certainty and peace, even if the actions you have to take are scary. You can contrast that to your ego highlights fear and will try to convince you of disappointments  to keep you in a place of inaction.

(This may be a battle you have to fight with vigilant awareness for a length of time.)

Guidance / Resolution

3 of Fire

Take time to dream fully into a vision.

Then take thought and time to ground your dream-vision through creating a plan that includes the small but numerous action steps to take.

You are or have been recognized for your abilities and thoughts and talents on a specific project or area of your life. Already there is an abundant flow of energetic support and guidance in and for that area.

This is the opportunity to celebrate that success and go deeper into the flow.  With the deepening, you will gain more support and begin shifting into the realm of material support and abundance. You will gain even more inspiration on where to go from here.

The excitement and adventure is still present, but it feels more calm, more real, and more ready for you to direct it or to let Spirit guide it, keeping in mind the other cards’ messages to use your emotional wisdom and built-in guidance system.

Follow your inner voice and vision into full bloom

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