Pause for a moment

I am sure you have heard, seen, been offered or have offered that greeting many times over the past week. Have you really taken it in?

To welcome means to greet a new arrival in a glad and friendly way, are pleased to receive something,  or as a new arrival, to be gladly received.

Have you really felt the pleasure of receiving, or the pleasure someone else gets from your presence?  Have you opened your heart and mind to receive the day, the year, the visit, and view it as a gift, to welcome it?

Or, has it been an unconscious, perhaps even frustrated or angry response more along the vein of apathy and rejection,  “yeah, yeah, whatever, same-ol’ same-ol” or “ here we go again” and “I can’t tell the difference,” kind of sentiment?


For myself, I am making the effort to start a new habit.

It begins in the morning, when I wake and have come fully awake. Pausing to greet the day, to welcome it, and to share with myself my hopes and intent for that day, to reset by banishing any left over thoughts or worries from yesterday.

When else do I practice the pause?
– Before accusing
– Before judging
– Before reacting


Oops. I didn’t pause before reacting.

That’s okay. Like all habits The Pause takes time and practice to form.

If I find myself already at E.R. (emotional reaction) it’s not entirely too late to Pause.

I choose to pause and I breathe, and I listen to that emotion.

It is a messenger. More importantly I search out which aspect of me sent it, only then can I apply my discernment and give it either the attention it deserves, or take a step towards releasing it and healing the wounds from my past.


“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight.”

– Rollo May, The Courage to Create

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