Oracle Card Reading: Seeking Validation

Self Confidence through realization of Authentic Self

More than ever before it is so important to let go of the habit of looking to others for approval or validation.

It is time to stop comparing yourself to others and trying to match some indoctrinated belief or cultural norm. It is time to stop hiding behind past moments of shame or disapproval or fear you are not enough.

Walk forward into the sun. Be seen. Shine as bright as the stars.

Just Do You.  No one else can.



For this reading,  I drew cards from the Crystal Angel cards By Doreen Virtue



Stop comparing yourself to others or waiting for you to be (fill in the blank) enough to follow your calling and shine bright. Spoiler Alert, you’ve already begun, so thinking you will wait until (fill in the blank)…you are only playing small and avoiding yourself by keeping yourself dim when you were born to shine.

Circumstances will never be perfect, but You were born perfectly imperfect, and you will never finish learning, experiencing, or growing because there is no Finish Line.

Each of us was born unique and to be a light unto the world, Shine Bright.


Clear Quartz

Most of us have a ‘go-to’ emotion. This is where we feel comfortable feeling and expressing and we channel all our reactions through the filter of that go-to emotion. Our emotions are a built in guidance system, filtering in this way and simply reacting denies us access to our own ’emotional wisdom’ and an intelligent emotional response.

I noticed for myself I don’t like to be mad, so I will be sad instead. Sadness is easier for me, but I don’t let myself stay sad long, so when it is too sad I find a way to laugh. None of that is wrong or bad, but it is to an extent edited, unauthentic and repressed.

I was invited, and I extend the invitation to you, to stay present, notice, and fully feel whatever emotion is present for 7 full seconds. Feeling it fully for 7 seconds keeps that emotion from getting buried or diverted and allows you to release it and move forward.

Blank space



It is heavy to carry around the trapped memories of pain and fear, so we hide them away, ‘Don’t look!’  Equally heavy and painful is being judged for the things that bring you joy, and the truth of what or who you love, because it is denying yourself true acceptance and the freedom to express the parts of yourself. When that happens you learn to internally edit that desire or worse split that part away hiding it behind a wall, denying its existence.

Regardless of which pain it is, once it is hidden, you take unconscious actions and make unconscious decisions or affirmations of that pain, giving it power over you.

There is a opportunity here to release the burden. Sit with yourself and choose to  acknowledge that you are afraid, face the fear and  the truth of what you desire, hope for, and love. Then choose your actions consciously.

Bring the hidden to light with self care, fill your awareness with self compassion and forgiveness. Let it flow freely into your heart, healing your pain, uniting you with yourself.

Blank space

Blank space

Guidance / Resolution


Pray. Expose your vulnerability and fear and hopes in your heart felt words or simply by holding their vibration and offering them to the Divine. Then expect to receive an answer that is in your best interest.  

The Divine wants to answer the prayers of your heart, and it always sends the answers, and always aligns the answers, and always makes the changes for you immediately. Open up to receive the answers.

 Most importantly, detach from any expectation including what that best answer will look like, or your list of excuses/reasons why you can’t have it. 

You may find it helpful to state what you want and then listen to the almost whispered ‘but...’ and most importantly the thought or words follows that but.

That belief is the only thing between you and the miracles the Divine is sending to you. Ask yourself which belief is stronger, your belief in the Divine or your belief in the limits you’ve crafted.

Blank space

Blank space

Next Step!

Hold a strong impassioned  vision of what you want for yourself now and in the future. Notice any negativity or pessimism that you hold or is given to you and choose to flip it into positive affirmations. Hold your faith that your prayers are heard and assistance is granted to support your vision (or better) but let go of the HOW and be open to receiving that assistance.

Be you. It takes self awareness and self discipline to Fully act, speak and live in complete integrity with your inner voice and inner truth. Your authenticity will give rise to self confidence and the ability to attract or create all that you desire, because you are no longer in opposition to yourself.

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms).

Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

Rev. Shareen Webb


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