Reflections February, 2019

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms).

Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

Rev. Shareen Webb


It doesn’t need fixing…

I have started this newsletter 3 times.  All three times I have had such an internal vision and concept of what to communicate, but then the words that followed…really didn’t match the vision or desire.

Funny that…. I was stuck.

I realized I was approaching the writing by wanting to heal all of you that read the words. Heal the pain and struggle that might be attached to it…The intent may have been good, but in this case I wanted to do it via fixing, changing something, controlling the process. Fixing isn’t healing. Fixing assumes something is broken. Fixing implies judgement and a fear, and I was seeing all of that within the words I wrote.

Healing is awareness of, and  releasing what is outgrown and no longer works. Healing embraces what remains and returns it, reshapes it, often evolving it into to a new wholeness. Healing is not something that can be done for you, or simply given to you, it is something that you  partake in, and help create for yourself.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” – Kahlil Gibran

My experiences are not me…

Each of us sees, hears, experiences a circumstance. Then we record, store, and place definition and value to that experience. That process is taught to us as a means of survival.

What’s that? That’s a rock. What’s that? That’s hot.What’s that? That’s blue. Why can’t I have that? It’s bad.

It is our reaction to and our beliefs about a circumstance that becomes an experience. It is easy to remember and identify experiences that caused physical or emotional pain, to know our wounds and often we unconsciously file ways to avoid it as a new line of code in the program. Harder to identify sometimes are our filters, or expectations, that process of fdefining, quantifying and assigning value that over time, becomes automatic, and done without conscious awareness. We then begin to view ourselves, our life and the world around us through our own set of unique filters and beliefs.

It is tempting to categorize those experiences to make them generic, belonging to everyone and ‘simple’. Even if it is taught to us by parents, or society, that cataloging system, the process built and beliefs formed are all individual, each one unique, and that builds an aspect of the ego/mind/personality. It’s just me, that’s how I am, that’s what I do.
That’s the lie within the truth.
The impacts of only identifying our self as being the filters, defenses and personality created by the experience, embodying that process as our truth and believing it is our essence, is often why we are in resistance to our own healing.
“If that’s not true, then who am i?”

When we can recognize that wounded inner child or piece of our shadow-self that is actually responding to a deep underlying impulse, or unmet need, and orchestrating every response to circumstance,then we can address it. By acknowledging it as simply a perspective and offering a different point of view and response. This is the basis of compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

It is one aspect of how our spiritual growth path is structured. We encounter varieties of the ‘same’ circumstance as part of a lesson so we can (eventually) recognize the lie interwoven within the truth.


So what are the invitations…
Look at what and how you fight.

Are you locking horns, engaging all your personal power, strength, creativity and passion into maintaining a struggle against ‘Other’

Are you constantly projecting fears onto named groups of individuals making them separate and no longer recognizing their humanness as the same as yours?

. and flood it with love, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


I love when I am guided to try a reading I have not done before (small sarcasm) It is quite nervy, but I will follow guidance, and I do often marvel at the result. I will be using the Crystal Angel cards By Doreen Virtue

The layout is four cards, let’s call it the Catalyst or Impetus layout – the energy that causes something to happen or happen more quickly.

First position: What is Present Now
Second Position: What do I want to evolve
Third Position: What do I want to release
Fourth: Message or Action

First position: What is Present Now

Stop comparing yourself to others or waiting for you to be (fill in the blank) enough to follow your calling and shine bright. You were born perfect, and you will never finish learning, experiencing, or growing because there is no Finish Line.
Spoiler Alert, you’ve already begun so thinking you will wait until (fill in the blank)…you are only keeping yourself dim and you were born to shine. Each of us was born unique and to be a light unto the world, Shine Bright.

Second Position: What do I want to evolve

Most of us have a ‘go-to’ emotion.  This is where we feel comfortable feeling and expressing and we channel all emotions through that one emotion.  Our emotions are a built in guidance system, filtering in this way denies us access to our own ’emotional wisdom’. I noticed for myself I don’t like to be mad, so I will be sad instead. Sadness is easier for me, but I don’t let myself stay sad long, so when it is too sad I find a way to laugh. None of that is wrong or bad, but it is to an extent unauthentic and edited. I was challenged, and extend the challenge to you, to feel what is present for 7 full seconds.  Feeling it fully for 7 seconds keeps that emotion from getting buried or diverted and allows you to release it and move forward.

Third Position: What do I want to release

This is a great time to release the baggage of past emotional experience.  It is heavy carrying around trapped memories of pain and fear.  Equally heavy is refusing to acknowledge the things that bring you joy, and the truth of what or who you love, especially when it is denying yourself love or the freedom to express the parts of yourself that you internally edit. Give yourself permission to set it all down. Bring compassion and forgiveness into your heart and bring yourself into the present moment. 

Fourth: Message or Action

Pray, then expect to receive an answer that is in your best interest.  Most importantly, open up to receive. The Divine wants to answer the prayers of your heart, it sends the answers, and aligns the answers, and makes the changes for you immediately.  You may find it helpful to state what you want and then listen to the almost whispered ‘but…’ and most importantly what follows that but.  That belief is the only thing between you and the miracles the Divine is sending to you.  Ask yourself which belief is stronger, your belief in the Divine or your belief in the limits you’ve crafted.

I feel the theme of this reading is: Self Confidence through realization of Authentic Self.  More than ever before it is so important to let go of the habit of looking to others for approval or validation.  It is time to stop comparing yourself to others and trying to match some indoctrinated belief or cultural norm. It is time to stop hiding behind past moments of shame or disapproval or fear you are not enough.  Walk forward into the sun. Be seen. Shine as bright as the stars. Do you, no one else can.

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