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  • This information, your full birth name, helps me focus on your unique energy signature and individual aura. It will not be save or otherwise used for ANYTHING. You are of free-will to not include it. preferred format: First Middle Last , Nickname, current name
  • Please provide a 1 to 3 sentence description of your healing request. This request will be included in the next 3 group healing sessions after the request is received. NOTE! You will not receive individual feedback. A post will be made with the date and time of the group healing held, and saved in the library of Limitless-Spirit. The post may include any observations/comments I feel appropriate for the whole & public, no individual names or requests will be referenced.
  • Scope of Practice - Energy Healing Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing is balancing and restoring your body’s natural energy field by bringing the body and aura back into alignment with Spirit and the template it created for this life experience. It is a gentle practice of removing the energies that are not you, and replacing them with the energy that is you for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mind and spirit, optimizing your health and increasing enthusiasm for life. It is a healing modality that can assist in bringing a body to its natural ability to heal. ENERGY MEDICINE IS NOT THE PRACTICE OF MEDICINE Although Energy Medicine uses the term “medicine,” it does not imply that Energy Medicine practitioners are practicing medicine. Energy Medicine and Energy Healing are generic terms used by many training programs that teach people how to assess and correct for energy imbalances in the body and aura. Energy Medicine is not a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment of medical or mental health conditions by a licensed health care professional. I do not diagnose or treat disease and I am not a physician I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders, nor am I trained or licensed to do so. My services should be used only in conjunction with your obtaining that care. ENERGY HEALING WORK Energy Healing techniques brings the body’s blocked, stagnant, tangled and otherwise disturbed physical energy back to a state of natural flow. They also repair rips and tears remove foreign energies, cords and sludge in the layers of the aura, and balance the chakras. The procedures used are designed to enhance and balance the flow of energy in the aura and the body’s natural energies. But they are not for the purpose of assessing or correcting health conditions or challenges. Nonetheless, you can expect me to approach my work with you in a professional manner, to honor scheduled appointment times, and to treat information I learn about you as confidential.* OTHER ASPECTS OF OUR RELATIONSHIP Spiritual Counseling. Often the aura and body’s ability to maintain alignment after a healing session is often a reflection of where they are at with regards their energy vibrational levels, how receptive their body is to energy work and their spiritual journey. The Energy Healing I perform is part of my work as a Minister. Responsibility. Reverend Shareen does not dispense legal, financial, or medical advice nor is any information received intended to be advice. You understand if the topics you wish to inquire about generally require the services of a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, medical practitioner, or otherwise licensed professional, it is suggested that you do contract those services as you normally would. You can expect me, Reverend Shareen, to approach my work with you in a professional manner, to honor scheduled appointment times, and to treat information I learn about you as confidential. By signing up and/or making a contribution for the spiritual services of Reverend Shareen dba Limitless Spirit, you are entering into a spiritual agreement, that all services given are of a spiritual benefit, and intangible in nature. You agree that you understand that no promises are being made for any changes to your physical body, auric field or spiritual essence. You agree that you understand that you are totally responsible for your own healing process.
  • Consent and statement of understanding: Energy Healing/ Energy Medicine is not medical treatment. Shareen Webb is not treating or fixing any problem or symptom. You are responsible for healing your self. Shareen Webb is facilitating the healing processes that you may use to accomplish healing of your aura and energy fields, she does not diagnose or treat disease and is not a physician. These sessions are not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment from a qualified health practitioner for illnesses, injuries, or other medical conditions. Her services are not licensed by the state of Oregon and her practice is aligned with the Creed of the Church of Divine Man. Confidentiality/Client Rights: Your experiences during our sessions are confidential. I generally do not keep any written records of the appointment. Confidentiality is subject to the following exceptions: 1. You may instruct me to release information to other people by submitting request in writing, specifying whom and where to submit it. 2. I may release information if subpoenaed or otherwise legally obligated or reasonably allowed to do so (Including circumstances where there is clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person). 3. Your confidentiality is always subject to the usual exclusions dictated by state and federal laws and regulations. By Submitting a healing request you agree: 1. I have read, understand, and agree to the above statements. 2. I have received and read the Scope of Practice for the type of service I am receiving. 3. I agree to the terms of service outlined in the Scope of Practice for the type of service I am receiving.