Satisfaction. The pleasure of struggle and the pleasure of joy.

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms).

Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

Rev. Shareen Webb


During the three years I spent getting training in understanding energy, auras, and my own clairvoyance, I witnessed an interesting pattern. Upon reflection, it is a pattern I have also noticed in communities. The majority of people create growth opportunity through difficult and often extreme challenges. Most often the words they used to describe these growth periods was survival.

Many times my fellow students would arrive at a class or event as if they were carrying out the sentence of judgment, a punishment for some unknown crime, something they were forced to do but an unseen “THEY”, completely disregarding the fact that they chose to be there, paid to be there, and there was no one making them do anything. I can say there were a few events where I matched that energy, it is so easy to match negative energy, especially when it means you don’t have to be responsible for any of it.

I was somewhat unique in that I arrived at most classes and events with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. Somewhere along the prior decades of hiding and hating my abilities I had journeyed through the pain and arrived at the understanding that I was me. The pain was simply my fears and my judgments against myself, and underneath it all, it was all just me. I had arrived at the conclusion that the clairvoyant training program was a rare and amazing gift I had given myself. It was like Christmas every day. A place and way I could really find, understand and realize more of myself, my true nature as both a human body and a divine spirit, experiencing life from two very different perspectives.

For at least the first year of that program, if not longer, I found myself lightly judging others and confused at how they repeatedly chose pain and struggle as their medium of growth when they could have chosen enthusiasm and joy. Then one day I was discussing this with a dear friend, and classmate, she began laughing. She said
“I know I always choose pain, but I guess it just works for me. I know when I’ve learned something because the pain stops, and I know when I’m back-sliding or not seeing something, because the pain starts again.”

Her revelation caused me to really look at my path of learning through joy. Was I being slow in my growth? How did I know I was growing? Was I missing things by not pushing hard, engaging in struggle, and not experiencing pain?

I began to realize decades of pain had actually set my path to getting training, but having finally chosen it, the path itself was not painful. I had my own ways of knowing growth had occurred. The pure joy I experienced in class, where I could be fully myself, versus the apathy grief and sadness of editing myself down to others expectations. Whenever I feel apathy or am not enjoying a moment, I realize I am back-sliding or not seeing something because I am not experiencing joy.

Then I realized the most amazing thing. It was two halves of the same coin. She found pleasure in the struggle, and joy in the absence of pain. I found pleasure in being joyful and pain in the absence of joy. And both were OK, as it was the amount of satisfaction that was the real guideline of growth. It really helped me to let go of the judgment and open to allowing people to have their own experiences. How we each choose to experience growth and life, is our choice, our freedom.

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