Clairvoyant Energy Healings


Feeling grumpy, tired, emotional overload, physical exhaustion, you just don’t feel like yourself.  Outside energy is having an impact on your wellbeing. This healing clears out the energy that is not you and brings you back to center again. Release. Replenish. Heal. Energy healing, at its simplest form, is removing the energies that are not you, and replacing them with the energy that is you. Healing is not ‘fixing’, it is returning to wholeness. Long distance and in-person sessions available.

Aura Readings

“I don’t know what I’m feeling, I just feel... off? Stuck? Like I’m waiting for something. Like I need to do something but I don’t know why or what to do with these internal pressures.”  An aura reading is perfect for you! I clairvoyantly look and communicate what is presenting itself in each of the seven layers of your aura. These things are challenges you are facing, gifts you are using, communication with other people, and more.

Oracle Card Readings

You pick the cards, I interpret them using a combination of traditional meanings, intuition, and my clairvoyance. A guided oracle card reading helps you make decisions, see the larger picture, find perspective or gain clarity. In a themed reading, we can explore things such as your relationships, career or how to achieve abundance. For those that prefer a tarot or oracle card based reading, we can also do a checkpoint reading, a tree of life reading or an unfolding story reading.

Spiritual Counseling

Transformation is Growth. Expansion. Becoming. Changes can be exhilarating, fun, difficult, painful and all the experiences in between. From the outside, it is easy to recognize and see the process of where you started, where you are going.  While you are knee deep in it? It is tough! All you know is how it feels. If you are in a period of transformation and feel stuck, overwhelmed, or frightened,in a spiritual counseling session I can help you find perspective and clarity so you can find your way through the transformation and return or gain your highest vibrations of peace, enthusiasm, and joy.


“Thanks again so much for the wonderful reading.  I am so thankful to have found you. I appreciate not only the incredibly helpful reading you gave me, but the healing work you do as well.  I will also recommend you to my friends as your work is amazing!”


Sharon Lorraine


“I have had many readings and healings from Shareen. I appreciate her ability to stay neutral and to laugh easily with me when we look at something difficult. It allows me to stay in the high vibration of amusement. Shareen has many psychic tools in her toolbox for the excavation of my many layers. I always feel better after a digging session with Shareen holding space for me as we go.“


Alison Stanton Picher


My readings with Shareen Webb have been spot on, fun and I leave with such juicy insight to go about my week. I wish there were more than 5 stars


Ellen Atkins, Founder of The Suburban Monk

What To Expect At Your Session

What to Expect At Any Session
  • I always start with a brief check-in, introductions, who you are, why you have arrived in this space at this time, and what you are looking for from the session.
  • I set the energy for the session with a prayer
  • We dive into the session content.
  • You are seated in a chair at the table in a receptive mode and I am reading your energy related to the purpose of the session or questions you are asking.
  • The structure within the session may vary, but we will come to an agreement on what it will be at the time of the session, within the first few minutes.
Clairvoyant Hands-On Energy Healing Sessions Expectations
  • You remain clothed but are are laying on the table or seated in a chair relaxing and receptive to changes.
  • I use my hands to scan your energy field. As I find blocks or information, I communicate them to you by word, and by tapping/activating them through resonant vibration, bringing them to your awareness. During you may experience sensations such as heat, cold, tingles, or just awareness of the energy moving, some people simply experience release and relaxation.  For some the activation releases emotions trapped within the field, generally this does not mean experiencing the emotion, but rather the relief or enormity of that emotion releasing. Some techniques do include light touch, I will always explain what that will be like and ask your permission before using these techniques.
  • Physical manifestations of energy blocks can also be addressed during your session, including pain, cysts, and other ailments. I am not a medical doctor,  my work is only through resonant energy vibration, so I encourage your to seek whatever medical treatments you feel are appropriate for you.
  • For more info on what to expect during a healing, you can view this slide show.
What To Expect In A Remote Session
  • Remote sessions are done via the online meeting room app ZOOM (you can use your phone to dial in to ZOOM if you do not have internet capability.)
  • We meet, and often it is very similar to the in-person session.Remote  healings are actually one of the most requested services I offer.
  • They are done completely through working with your energy field and can be a bit tricky to understand without experiencing it. They can be done during a scheduled meeting, or you can request one and they are done as my schedule allows and you receive an audio recording summarizing what occurred.  If you are interested in those, please contact me and we can schedule a time to discuss it and give you a short sample session.