Transitions: The slippery slide between being rooted in one place and finding your roots in another.

Shareen is a Reverend who deeply believes in the highest expression of myself and yourself and of Source (in all his and her forms).

Her Purpose? To shine her spiritual light and reflect yours, that you can SEE and KNOW Yourself as Spirit.

Rev. Shareen Webb


Here we are well into Autumn, and the skies, the leaves, and the sun are all reminding me to take in and enjoy the last bits of deep blue sky and warmth, even as the mornings invigorate me with their cool crispness.  The gentle reminders and invitations are all around me, letting me know Winter is coming with her cool rains and cozy darkness. While I will enjoy those days for what they are, I also find myself resisting releasing the warmth of Summer and his playful brilliance.

Finding My Places That Are Resistant To Change…

I am finding it interesting, noticing in myself the places that are resistant to change, and terrified of transitions.  I laugh when they are cuddled up and intertwined with the pieces of me who are eagerly expanding and just can’t wait to change and grow and experience something new.  

And the observer in me compassionately speaks, “Is it any wonder you feel stuck at times?”

It has taken me many years to evolve my inner critic into my inner observer, and that transition was certainly fraught with bumps and bruises.

The simple truth is, we are transitioning all the time. Newborns become toddlers. Toddlers become preschoolers. Preschoolers become children. Children become teenagers who certain they know everything, ready to change the world. Teenagers become young adults looking around hopeful a more adultier-adult will let them know the next step, (hopefully, before they have to admit they are lost.) Young adults become apprentices. Apprentices become skilled. The skilled become Masters, and the masters? The Masters show us what it was to live and how to die, or rather how to transition to the unknown.

Why is the unknown so scary, when did it become so? I remember the novelty and the excitement in discovery, in causing the unknown to be known. I read the following passage from Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose by Sonia Choquette,

“There is a big difference between only trying to avoid your demise and actually enjoying your existence. In attempting to escape dying, you resist living.”

Suddenly those intertwined pieces of myself made more sense.  It allowed me to open a dialog between them to see that resistance to change and eagerness to grow were both a reaction, a dichotomy of equal and opposite reaction, to one desire: I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to overlook or be unaware of the precious moments that become the life I lived and not remember anything from a decade other than striving. I don’t want to long for things that are no longer here in the moment because I am afraid to expand into the unknown that is in front of me. If a transition is a slide, then I choose to let go and enjoy the ride.


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