It’s YOUR Shift! Own it.



Each workshop is 2.5 hours in length and is complete in itself. The workshops are offered in series and are designed to build upon one another. (Details on each below)

Attend in person at the healing sanctuary in Roseburg, OR or online from your own home via Zoom.

Two weeks prior to the workshop you will receive printable readings and journal pages, and a guided contemplation exercise.It is recommended (but not required) to complete these prior to the workshop, as you will be asked to share your awareness, feelings, thoughts, and so on related to the information given.

Guided visualization meditations for developing energy management tools may also be offered with some workshops.

Sign up for all 5 workshops or just the ones you are drawn to attend.

Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing* sessions are included if you purchase all workshops in the series. They can also be Added to the registration of any workshop for $25

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Foundations - Workshop 1


Sept 12 @ 2pm, Healing Sanctuary


Thursday Sept. 16 at 6pm, Zoom

Explore : What the most important things are for you, and how they form the foundation of what you believe you can have, and how you believe you have to experience it.

Guided Contemplation Recording: Foundation and the Four Pillars of your Life

Focus of Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing*:   Individuation, clearing your parents’ expectations and ways of being out of your energetic DNA

The Splits! - Workshop 2

 Doing the Splits?

Sept 26 @ 2pm, Healing Sanctuary


Thursday Sept. 30 at 6pm, Zoom

Does it feel like your left leg is moving forward and your right leg is stepping back?

Explore : Where are you living in alignment with yourself and where are split energies operating.

Guided Contemplation Recording: Repairing and Rebuilding the foundation

Focus of Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing*:    Alignment and Integration

Ready, Set,...Flow - Workshop 3


Sunday Oct. 10 @ 2pm, Healing Sanctuary


Thursday Oct. 14 @ 6pm, Zoom

Explore : How do you motivate yourself, How do you know you are alive / living, how is it working for you? What would you like to shift?

Guided Contemplation Recording: Visiting Tripoli! well, visiting the Triple Es – Ease, Enthusiasm, and Effort

Focus of Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing*Creative flows

Shift your mind - Workshop 4


Sunday Oct. 24 @ 2pm, Healing Sanctuary


Thursday Oct. 28 @ 6pm, Zoom

Explore : Bringing your subconscious programs into consciousness, shifting and strengthening your pillars

Guided Contemplation Recording: You are! (Congratulations)

Focus of Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing*Clearing communication between your physical, emotional, mental, astral, bodies and soul.

Create - Workshop 5


Sunday Nov. 7 @ 2pm, Healing Sanctuary


Thursday Nov. 11 @ 6pm, Zoom

Explore : The Future!  What do you want, how do you want to experience it?

Guided Contemplation Recording: What are your Success secrets?

Focus of Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing*:  Increasing Vitality and Self Expression, Chakra Alignment

What the heck is a Dynamic Clairvoyant Energy Healing??!

(Some of my clients call it a clearing)

In a DCEH I work from a healing trance state with your “energy self” the aura, energy bodies, and soul “showing” or resonating areas in your body, aura, and energy bodies that are stagnant, disconnect, full of energy that belongs to other people, or full of energy that is from past experience and not related to present time. I then hold the healing space to allow you to make the changes you want to make energetically, clearing your energy bodies and becoming more in alignment with yourself.  You are not consciously engaged in the healing, though some people do prefer to set a time and get into a comfortable physical space for receiving the healing.

I make an audio recording of the healing from my perspective, and I email that recording, or if preferred, I email a typed summary of the healing.