Shareen Webb

Support & Guidance
For Your Self Healing Journey

Inviting you to rediscover and connect with the Divine Purpose of your Authentic Self, allowing for self-healing and co-creating in daring playfulness.


You are a Spirit without Limit, Shine Bright.

Heal Yourself

Live your best life and find joy

  Stop being an unsatisfied spectator to your own life! Create the peace, health and joy that you deserve. Start now, get help here.


30 minute or 60 minute session

Built your specific concerns and questions a session is generally is a combination of clairvoyant reading and energy healing.

Requested Support: $50 for 30 minutes, $100 for 60 minutes


When booking you can select

In person at the Roseburg Healing Sanctuary or Face to Face via ZOOM 

This Energy Work is your Self-Healing work, with support

Change your energy, change your life. Heal your energy, heal the world.

Workshop series starting in September!!

Feeling stuck? Just not as excited about life as you want to be?

Are you ready to have more and do more, as long as nothing changes!

Maybe you feel like there is something you are suppose to be doing…

but have no idea what it is?

It’s your SHIFT! Own it.


I invite you to Live your best life and find joy in the living of it.

Come discover yourself and meet with like minded people!


Workshop Series

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Catalytic Joy (series)

Experience Catalytic Joy!

Total class hours: 25 hours delivered in 10 classes.

Empower yourself to transform your life to joy-based living.

Take a deep dive into the subconscious programming you’ve built that define your limitations and rules for living.

Be your own catalyst for removing the limits and transforming the rules to the vibration of Joyous Ease, even when faced with challenging people and circumstances.


Own your Shift! (Becoming Unstuck - series)

Total class hours: 12.5 hours delivered in 5 classes.

You know what you want to do! You get excited about it, and then…hmm .. Where did I put my phone? I think I will just scroll a bit, maybe play a game…

If you resemble that remark, this class may be for you.

Gain clarity on your passion.

Discover and validate how you motivate yourself and create

Gain clarity on subconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck in place: doubt, shame, fear, guilt, prove worth, being unique, competition, just to name a few.

Gain clarity on what triggers your patterns, and how to SHIFT!



These are interactive workshops & Classes that require participant engagement (even online).
Offered online via Zoom, or in person in Roseburg, Oregon.

Individual Workshops

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Simple Tools for Managing your Energy

Noticing how external energy may be affecting you, and learning simple tools and practicing for managing your own energy field, overwhelm, exhaustion, stress, worry, anger, grief, and more.

Much of the curriculum is participant driven, no two workshops will be the same.

No Current Dates – Request it

What's Your Super Power?

Come Play!

Discover what your extra-sensory strengths are, develop ways to develop them.

Content is largely participant driven and may include any one or all of these:

Psychometery, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Moving/sensing energy

This is an Individual 2.5 hour workshop.

Additional workshops may be scheduled to go deeper on any of the topics, depending on participant interest and commitment.

No Current Dates – Request it


Intro to Energy Healing: Understand your Aura and Energy Bodies (single workshop to series)

This is a bird’s eye view of the Human Energy Field and Energy bodies as I have come to know them through study and experience.

Participants may be offered the option of joining an extended curriculum.

No Current Dates – Request it!

Reading Cards for yourself

A bird’seye view of how reading cards works from both analytical and intuitive approaches. Example spreads and practice.

Interested participants may choose to follow-up by joining in a series that goes deep into learning the traditional Tarot, it’s symbols, and systems as well and expanded reading practice.

No Current Dates – Request it!

I will hold a workshop or Course if at least 3 people RSVP .
Most classes are limited to 12 participants, sometimes less.
If you have a group of friends, co-workers, or peers already in mind  a private course offering will be created for your group, and can be tailored towards your goals. Pricing for private tailored courses will vary.
These are interactive workshops & Classes that require participant engagement (even online).
Offered online via Zoom, or in person in Roseburg, Oregon.

Psychic Fairs, Fundraisers, and Other Events

Meet with me at a live event I’m attending near you.

Due to COVID-19 I am tentatively doing these live events. Click the buttons for more info.

I am also happy to see you via appointment


“Thanks again so much for the wonderful reading.  I am so thankful to have found you. I appreciate not only the incredibly helpful reading you gave me, but the healing work you do as well.  I will also recommend you to my friends as your work is amazing!”


Sharon Lorraine


“I have had many readings and healings from Shareen. I appreciate her ability to stay neutral and to laugh easily with me when we look at something difficult. It allows me to stay in the high vibration of amusement. Shareen has many psychic tools in her toolbox for the excavation of my many layers. I always feel better after a digging session with Shareen holding space for me as we go.“


Alison Stanton Picher


My readings with Shareen Webb have been spot on, fun and I leave with such juicy insight to go about my week. I wish there were more than 5 stars


Ellen Atkins, Founder of The Suburban Monk

Shareen Webb

Intuitive. Healer. Educator.

“My life’s work is to shine my spiritual light and reflect yours so that you can discover yourself as the divine spirit you are.”

A Free Gift…

Choose the gift that speaks to you from the 3 below!

Releasing Pain

A guided meditation helping you discover the hidden pain within your aura and release it.


Reflections: Letting Go and Trusting

Providing a “Hello” on wanting to be in control of the circumstances.



Reflections: Split Intentions?

In this video you may find resonance with what can cause self-sabotage. It often arises when we ignore or gloss over parts of ourselves that are split, operating from different truths or wanting different things.

Resources To Guide Your Journey

In the library I have brought together resources for all levels. Feel free to poke around or hang out for as long as you like.


Are you intrigued, but have no idea where to start exploring? You want to experience “it”, you feel “something different” and the way it makes you feel causes you to want to know more? Start here!


You’ve seen some things. You’ve tried some things… and you want more. Whether you are exploring how to use your own intuition, working through a specific issue or you have a healing project, I have the resources to help you get to the next step.


If you have had plenty of readings or healings and are now seeking to learn how to create these experiences for yourself, this is the place for you. Welcome!

Is this your passion?

Are you interested in learning more?

Have I got the resources for you!

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