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We invite connection to Authentic Self and Divine Purpose; allowing space for self-healing and co-creating in daring playfulness.


You are a Spirit without Limit, Shine Bright.

Energy Healing Work – Pandemic Shifts

Live your best life and find joy

During these times, unprecedented in recent history , some label it a viral pandemic ,

I am offering  5 services, on time frames my physical body can sustain.

I see this time as a Global Awakening where the entire world, Earth and its creatures including humanity, is making shifts, letting go of old paradigms and surrendering, falling deeply into, the connection from the individual heart to the heart of All That Is.

Some on the planet are joyously playing in this upgraded energy, others are grasping for any ties to the old external influences and energy that had structured their lives.  I am holding space for all to show-up where they are in growth and make the shifts they need.

All sessions during this time are pay-what-you-can donations, collected via debit/credit square market place.

Sessions via Zoom

30 minute or 60 minute session, held on Zoom.

Addresses your specific concerns and questions. Generally is a combination of clairvoyant reading and energy healing.

Requested Support: $50 for 30 minutes, $100 for 60 minutes

Spiritual Counseling - Pandemic

This is a special Aura reading, focused on how the ‘Pandemic’ energies are presenting / affecting your energy field.

Most often it highlights the fear programmings that are arising for your ‘noticing’ and to be released. It also shows other energy patterns you are updating or shifting.

You may request a focus area if you are aware of something, for example past-life influence or family line trauma patterns.

Time frames have varied widely, please allow for a wide chunk of time for personal integration after the session.

Requested Support: $125

In-person Distance Clairvoyant Energy Healing

This is approximately a 30 minute individual healing, performed with you present, via zoom.

It is an interactive healing, which means I may ask questions or prompt you to engage in self-healing while I am working the energies that present themselves to me in your energy field.

Requested support: $50

Remote Clairvoyant Energy Healing

This is approximately a 10-15 minute individual healing, that I conduct in my own timing without you being present.

I record an audio summary of during the healing, which I will email you. .

Please enter on the form your Full name, email, and a brief description, 1-3 sentences, of your healing request. Each request will be given in 1 session.

Requested support: $25

Group Clairvoyant Energy Healing

I will read and place all the healing requests together in a “ball of energy” and do a group healing. Each request will be included in 3 sessions.

You will not be given individual feedback.

Please enter on the form your Full name, and a brief description, 1-3 sentences, of your healing request.

 I may, or may not, make an audio recording with a summary of what occurs. If I do, it will be posted in the library of this website labeled with date and time.

Requested support: $10

Energy work is supported Self-Healing work

Change your energy, change your life. Heal your energy, heal the world.

I invite you to Live your best life and find joy in the living of it.

Heal Yourself

Live your best life and find joy

Are you feeling stuck in a rut or like you can’t cut a break? Stop being a grumpy spectator to your own life and start creating the peace, health and joy that you deserve.

Clairvoyant Energy Healings

Feeling tired, emotionally overloaded or physically exhausted? Clear out unwanted energy and center your life.

Aura Readings

Are you feeling lost? an aura reading will give you insight on what you are wanting to create, what’s working for you, and what’s holding you back.

Oracle Card Readings

Big decision coming up? Or maybe you just need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Gain clarity and choose your own adventure.

Spiritual Counseling

If you are in a period of transformation and feel stuck, overwhelmed, or frightened, embark on your self-healing journey to find peace, enthusiasm, and joy


“Thanks again so much for the wonderful reading.  I am so thankful to have found you. I appreciate not only the incredibly helpful reading you gave me, but the healing work you do as well.  I will also recommend you to my friends as your work is amazing!”


Sharon Lorraine


“I have had many readings and healings from Shareen. I appreciate her ability to stay neutral and to laugh easily with me when we look at something difficult. It allows me to stay in the high vibration of amusement. Shareen has many psychic tools in her toolbox for the excavation of my many layers. I always feel better after a digging session with Shareen holding space for me as we go.“


Alison Stanton Picher


My readings with Shareen Webb have been spot on, fun and I leave with such juicy insight to go about my week. I wish there were more than 5 stars


Ellen Atkins, Founder of The Suburban Monk

A Free Gift…

Choose the gift that speaks to you from the 3 below!

Healing Sanctuary Guided Meditation – Releasing Pain

This guided meditation helps you find hidden pain within your aura and release it. It is also an invitation to go deeper into healing yourself through energy work, including remote or hands-on healing.

Card Reading Video Reflections: Letting Go and Trusting

This card reading is the “Hello” you need today to help you through a situation, or just to answer your questions about what a card reading is.

Card Reading Video Reflections: Split Intentions?

In this video you may find resonance with what can cause self-sabotage. It often arises when we ignore or gloss over parts of ourselves that are split, operating from different truths or wanting different things.

Resources To Guide Your Journey

In the library I have brought together resources for all levels. Feel free to poke around or hang out for as long as you like.


Are you intrigued, but have no idea where to start exploring? You want to experience “it”, you feel “something different” and the way it makes you feel causes you to want to know more? Start here!


You’ve seen some things. You’ve tried some things… and you want more. Whether you are exploring how to use your own intuition, working through a specific issue or you have a healing project, I have the resources to help you get to the next step.


If you have had plenty of readings or healings and are now seeking to learn how to create these experiences for yourself, this is the place for you. Welcome!

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